Jazz Pharma UK research and medicines development


Research and Development

At Jazz, we use patient-centric innovation to drive our research and development (R&D) strategy, investment and growth. This starts with identifying unmet needs across our therapeutic areas of focus—neuroscience and oncology—and taking the best discovery and development approach to solutions, whether that leverages our proprietary, industry-defining research platforms or our collaborations with leading investigators and bioscience companies.

We believe all people, including those who live with complex conditions, deserve new and better therapeutic options. Our teams use their expertise to lead clinical programs. We are committed to innovation, leveraging both our market-defining cannabinoid science capabilities and other proprietary platforms. As part of our commitment to patients with unmet needs, we continually work to expand the science behind our therapies, acquire rights to develop new medicines, and partner with researchers, academia and other industry leaders to advance molecules with great potential to create new or better standards of care.